YCCM "Safe Singing Plan"

YCCM's "Safe Singing Plan" for rehearsals was released to parents and singers on 8/21/20. The overview letter and supporting documents can be found in an email to singers and families, and on the "Singer Portal" (password required).

The Safe Singing Plan will involve five rehearsal modes, from online only to full in-person rehearsals. The mode utilized will follow the learning mode of local school districts in Stearns County (the location of rehearsals and the county with the largest population of YCCM singers). Families are asked to follow YCCM's or their local district's plan, which ever is most stringent in order to follow public health best practices. Families may also opt to participate online only as all rehearsals will be streamed online.

Whether you are a parent, area choir director, school administrator, or media outlet, all questions about YCCM's "Safe Singing Plan" can be directed to info@youthchorale.org or 320-281-9226.