Media Etiquette

YCCM Media Policy/Etiquette

We encourage you to be mindful of media etiquette during concerts. YCCM does not encourage the use of recording devices during concerts. If you choose to use a video recording device, we would ask that you use the following as helpful guidelines:

  • Sit towards the back of the audience. This will reduce the number of people that could potentially be distracted by a recording device.
  • Consider using a tripod and set up early enough so that those sitting behind you will know if their sight-line will be hindered and have the option of moving.
  • If using a handheld device, please keep the device between your eyes and the choir. This will minimize the chance of sight-lines being hindered by those behind you.
  • Be mindful of the screen brightness of your device in balance with your surroundings. Reduce your screen brightness to the lowest possible setting.

NOTE: Remember that YCCM records our performances. We will do our best to make a private video link available to families in the days following each concert (depending on time of year, staff availability, and limitations on our free Vimeo account). The exteranous cough or sneeze, or restless child will inevitably find it's way on to the recording, which is not an issue. It is our hope that technology devices will be muted to minimize distractions for our audience.