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Welcome to the 2020-21 Audition Page for Directors! Please utilize this page to get information to singers for 2021 Auditions.

New Process:

For obvious reasons we are holding ONLINE AUDITIONS this year! In addition, we have a new website since last year and have simplified the registration process. The biggest change for you: Instead of handing multiple requests for recommendations from singers, we will be requesting recommendations for new singers directly from you that can be filled out online. Also singers only need to reserve a time and register. If you know of a new singer who is auditioning, click the "Singer Recommendation," or wait for an email from us.

As you can imagine, the pandemic has effected more than holding online auditions. Our major recruiting methods have changed (and delayed) the process. While there will be no school visits by Chamber Singers or directors, I would love to stop by your distance learning meetings to say a word or two. I have a lot of flexibility with my school schedule, so email me a time that works and I'll see if I can pop in remotely.

Here is the information you're seeking for your distance learning choir. Feel free to copy and paste anything you need:

Schoology Users: Here is a resource that you can add to your courses.

Important links for singers and families:

Information to copy and paste to your distance learning courses or emails:


Auditions for the Youth Chorale of Central Minnesota are now open. YCCM is open to any singer in 9-12 in the 20-21 school year. Auditions are about 10 minutes long and will be held online on May 5, 6, 9, or 12. Please check out all the important information at

Medium (Recommended):

The Youth Chorale of Central Minnesota has open auditions for the 2020-21 season! Any singer that is in high school choir next year can audition. This is a great experience that over 100 singers like you participate in from all over Central Minnesota. Check out these links:

When you sign up, you will be sent a Zoom link and your audition time. You just need to download Zoom and be available for the time you select on May 5, 6, 9, or 12. Auditions are 10 minutes long, and will include singing a familiar song, a scale, sight singing, and tonal memory.

Email if you have any questions.


Every year over 100 singers participate in the Youth Chorale of Central Minnesota, a community choir for high school students like you. Now is your chance to join them next season! The online audition includes singing a familiar song, a scale, sight singing, and tonal memory.

You can check out this promotional video, or visit their YouTube channel if you want to hear more. If you would like to send or print something for your parents, use this information letter.

If you have the information you need, sign up at You will select a time for your 10 minute audition on May 5, 6, 9, or 12, and register. You will be sent a Zoom link. All you need to do is to make sure Zoom is installed on a phone, tablet, or computer you will be using, and click the link during your audition time.

Your audition will include singing a familiar song (My Country 'Tis Of Thee or Happy Birthday), a scale, sight singing, and tonal memory. The audition panel consists of three choir directors who will be joining the Zoom meeting.

This is an incredible opportunity for singers who are seeking an enrichment experience and to meet a larger singing community. If you have any questions, please email or call 320-281-9226.