Audition Information

Auditions will take place on various days between May 7 and 21 at the Paramount Center for the Arts.

For high school singers, the audition will include:

  • Sing a familiar song (My Country 'Tis Of Thee or Happy Birthday - unaccompanied)
  • Scale, Sight Reading, and Tonal Memory

For elementary and middle singers, the audition will include:

  • Sing a familiar song
  • Sing a round

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Youth Chorale FAQ

Where does YCCM rehearse and for how long?

The two high school ensembles (Cantanti and Con Brio), rehearse two hours each week on the campus of St. John’s University. Rehearsals run from 6:00-8:10 on Sunday evenings. An additional small ensemble, Chamber Singers, is open to returning YCCM singers and meets before the main rehearsal periodically throughout the year.

The two middle school and elementary choirs in the Cantabile Program (Choristers and Cantabile Signers) rehearse at an area school on Monday evenings (currently Sauk Rapids-Rice Middle School). Choristers rehearse from 6:00-7:15 and Cantabile Singers rehearse from 6:00-8:00.

The season for all choirs runs from September until May.

What are the requirements for YCCM?

An audition is required for entry into the YCCM program. Singers at all levels are encouraged to take advantage of their school's choral programs. Because of the caliber of music performed at the high school level, singers entering grades 9-12 are required to participate in their high school choral program. YCCM's high school ensembles rehearse for only two hours per week, therefore the rigor and pacing of rehearsals and performance rely on the regular vocal music education received through local high school programs. Rare exceptions include students who cannot logistically be enrolled in their local high school because of pursuits like homeschool and Post-Secondary Option (PSEO). Any questions about this policy can be discussed with YCCM staff.

How many concerts per year does YCCM perform?

Each choir performs between 5 and 8 times per year. Performances range from formal concerts to casual school tour performances.

What kinds of music do YCCM choirs sing?

The Youth Chorale performs a diverse range of choral music from masterworks to gospel to pop, and commissions new music every year.

What is the financial commitment?

There is no fee or commitment to audition for any YCCM ensemble. Youth Chorale of Central Minnesota families participate in a fair share program. Rather than being charged a set fee, families are shown the expense involved to make the program successful, and are asked to make a pledge for the year. Your pledge helps cover the cost of music, folders, concert attire, staff, overnight stays, insurance, facility rental, and office expenses. This season, YCCM operational costs divided by the number of singers is $1,287, and the suggested minimum fair share amount families were asked to give this season was $625. Some families pay the full amount, most give the minimum amount, and some give less or none, all based on their circumstance. The great thing about YCCM’s Parent Pledge/Fair Share program is that families can pay according to their financial ability, thereby avoiding a cumbersome scholarship process. As an additional benefit, parents may count the pledge as a charitable contribution. Singers are accepted into YCCM based on their vocal abilities, and no singer who earns a position is turned away for financial reasons.

Where Can I hear YCCM?

The best place to hear YCCM is in concert! Search our Events Page during our regular season. You can also hear the Youth Chorale on our YouTube Channel, on Facebook, or any music streaming service.

What do I do next?

Sign up for auditions! Find a time that works for you and register. The process takes less than 3 minutes.