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Auditions are now open to singers  entering grades 4-9 for the Cantabile program! Sign up for auditions now, or read on for more information!

What is the audition like?

The audition will consist of singing a familiar song, some call and response exercises, and an informal conversation about the program. Two Cantabile staff members will be present for the audition, and families are welcome to sit in or wait outside.

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What is Cantabile?

Cantabile is a community choir for singers in grades 4-9 whose season runs September through May. Founded as a part of their Preparatory program, Cantabile Girls Choir was hosted at St. Cloud State University for 26 years. This year Cantabile is transitioning operations to a program under the Youth Chorale of Central Minnesota. The program consists of two ensembles: Choristers (singers in grades 4-6) and Cantabile (singers in grades 6-9).

When and where does Cantabile meet?

Both ensembles will meet during the 2022-23 season at Sauk Rapids-Rice Middle School on Monday evenings. Choristers will meet from 6:00-7:15pm, and Cantabile will meet from 6:00-8:00pm.

What does the calendar look like?

The 2022-23 Calendar is still being developed. Singers and families can expect a similar schedule to last season's calendar.

What is the family cost?

Cantabile is shifting from a tuition model to a FairShare Family Pledge, matching YCCM's structure. Under this program, families will be shown the true cost of running a top-notch youth choir program. They will be asked to pledge a minimum amount for the season, and invited to give above and beyond as their means allow. No family will be turned away for financial reasons.

Who directs the choirs?

Cantabile is conducted by Kara Rysavy, and Choristers is conducted by Stephanie Otremba. Both have been a dynamic and integral part of the program for the past few years. In addition to conducting the Cantabile ensemble, Kara Rysavy is the program's manager, facilitating the administrative aspects of the choirs.

Kara Rysavy, Cantabile Manager and Director

My singer is going into 9th grade. Should they audition for Cantabile or YCCM?

It is up to you! Our two transition years are 6th grade 9th grade. Sixth graders may be placed in either Choristers or Cantabile, and 9th graders can choose to audition for YCCM's Con Brio or be a leader in Cantabile.

Who is Cantabile for?

The Cantabile program is for any soprano or alto in grades 4-9!

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